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Freshwater Fishing Glide Bait Series

The Rainbow Trout
The Pumpkinseed
The Shad
The Juvenile Trout
The Perch
The Gizzard/Bull Shad
The Pike
The Shiner
The Golden Shiner
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Glide Bait Details

Imitates the common Bluegill/Pumpkinseed Sunfish that many freshwater game fish are eager to prey on. Voted as a favorite for largemouth bass, from our customers. Also does well for Pike, Musky, Trout, and even Walleye fishing.

Lure measures 5" long, weighing 1.6 oz.


Lure measures 7" long and weighs 2.75 oz.

The looks of this glide bait speaks for itself. Super realistic copy of a Rainbow Trout. Preyed upon by the largest fish in any pond, fishing this bait is bound to get you attention from Pike, Musky, Lunker Bass, and even cannibalistic Steel Head.



Splitting image lure copy of a realistic Shad.

A reliable glide bait for any freshwater species that prey on natural baitfish.

Reinforced joint provides a sturdy and life-like wobble, when fishing. 

Weighs 2.75 oz, measures 7" long.

Splitting image copy of a realistic Juvenile Trout in the form of a glide bait.
Candy for larger Bass, Pike, Musky, and trophy gamefish.

Lure measures 7" in length, and weighs 2.3 oz.

Reinforced joint gives the lure a range of motion that creates an irresistible underwater swimming action to aggressive fish.


Imitates the common Yellow Perch that many freshwater game fish are eager to prey on.

Glide bait measures 5.5 " long, weighing 1.6 oz.


Realistic swimbait version of a Gizzard Shad (a.k.a Bull Shad) common to many predatory game fish's diet.

Measures 6 " long, weighing 1.6 oz


Life-like presentation of a juvenile Northern Pike.

Multi jointed lure body accentuates full range of swimming motion.

Measures 6 " long, weighing 1 oz.


Splitting image body wrap of a Shiner, in swimbait form.

Measures 4.5 " long, weighing 0.4 oz


Exact presentation of a realistic Golden Shiner baitfish, that many freshwater game fish are eager to prey on.

Measures 4" long, weighing 1 oz.

6-Section jointed glide bait body allows for a full range life-like motion

Features an internal balancing system using beads that when fishing, creates a perfect casting experience and glide/swimming action.

Sinks ever so slowly to cover the water column on lure retrieve.

Dual heavy duty VMC treble hookson this swimbait last a lifetime of wear and tear from fishing.